The 2 Weeks Diet System Program

Discover The Incredible Results From The 2-Week Diet System Program

If you are frustrated with the countless diets you have tried only to fail, you have come to the right place.  The 2-Week Diet System will not only help you lose weight but improve your health and fitness.  Unlike so many other programs this diet does not focus on just weight loss but the best way to get started while focusing on your activity level and mindset.

As you have tried many diets and failed, why should you think you really can lose weight in only 2 weeks?  You will be given a plan allowing you to lose weight quite easily by following the well laid out steps.  If you are ready to turn things around and boost up your mind as well as your body, this is what you can expect to get from The 2-Week Diet System.

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About The 2-Week Diet System Program & What You Will Get:

Just about all health and fitness experts agree that weight loss is a combination of 80% diet and 20% exercise.  Adding to that, you must have the motivation and strong willpower to get started and keep on going.  The 2-Week Diet System has what it takes to succeed and get you on the path of fitness and health.

You will receive not 1, but 4 eBooks which cover all the important subjects to give you a very comprehensive weight loss system that is not only effective but quite enjoyable!  You’ve probably never run into a plan that has told you losing weight can actually be fun!  The prep and planning stages are laid out for you from your meal plans to your workout, your daily activity requirements, and everything in between.

Here’s a quick look at the 4 HandBooks you will receive when you choose The 2-Week Diet System. We will be going into greater details later on:

  • The Launch Handbook
  • The Diet Handbook
  • The Activity Handbook
  • The Motivation Handbook

Also, you will get several bonus programs and free samples at absolutely no cost to you.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love free gifts!  The best part yet, everything you need is online so you can get started immediately!

It makes it easier to commit yourself for only two weeks because you will get all the information you could possibly need, excellent tips, advice, and plans.  All you have to do is download everything onto your desktop, tablet, laptop, or smartphone and you are ready to go!  If you are someone who just doesn’t enjoy reading a lot of information, you can download the program in the audio tool!

About The 2-Week Diet System Program Creator:

Brian Flatt, a well-known nutritionist, and owner of R.E.V. Fitness is the creator of the 2-Week Diet System Program.  He believes that in order to maintain a healthy weight, it takes a balanced diet that will stimulate efficiency and metabolic health, not some strenuous, difficult training program.

His partner, Dr. Michael Danzinger, a professional medical doctor and weight loss consultant played a major role in the success of this program.  Together, these two dynamos have created the very best program out there.

About The Launch Handbook:

This handbook covers many very important topics to understand what this program is all about:

  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Why Only 2 Weeks
  • The Truth About Weight Loss
  • How We Get Fat
  • How To Get Thin
  • About Nutrients
  • About Protein, Fat, And Carbs
  • About Fiber
  • The Miracle Fiber – In Fruits And Vegetables
  • Water
  • Your Metabolism
  • The Simple Way You Can Rapidly Accelerate Weight Loss
  • The Indisputable Rules Of Fat Loss
  • How To Increase Catecholamines and Lower Insulin
  • Reduce Calories The Right Way
  • Reduce Carb Intake
  • Starvation
  • Exercise
  • Stubborn Body Fat
  • Fat Burning Supplements

About The Diet Handbook:

This handbook focuses on nutritional information from the very beginning to the breakdown in a workable plan.  One of the most popular sections is a list of vegetables and proteins that are allowed along with approved preparation procedures.

Because the breakdown is set up for each day, you do not have to worry about planning your meals, it’s already done for you.  Other subjects covered in this handbook include:

The Most Advanced Fat Burning Method In Existence:

  • Going Low Carb
  • Phase One – Days 1 to 5
  • Phase Two – Day 6
  • Phase Three – Days 7 and 8
  • Research Showing How Effective a Fat Fast Can Be
  • Phase Four – Calorie Restrictions Based On BMR – You will learn how to do the calculations.
  • Prevent Regaining Weight
  • The Three-Pound Rule

About The Activity Handbook:

This handbook gives you all the workouts you will need  It covers your daily activities to specific movements and complete routines.  Below is an example of what you will find in this book:

  • Daily Walk Requirements
  • Consistency
  • Warm-Ups
  • Workouts
  • Resistance Training
  • Full Body Fat Blasting Workouts
  • Movements along with pictures and detailed explanations
  • Miracle Midsection Workouts
  • Workouts After The 2 Weeks Are done

About The Motivation Handbook:

Let’s face it, it can be quite difficult to commit to any weight loss program without motivation or the right mindset.  This handbook will help you gain all the motivation you can possibly need.  This is what you will find:

  • Mindset, Motivation, and Willpower
  • How to Regroup
  • Put Your Goals Down on Paper
  • Keep A Journal
  • Develop Motivation
  • Develop Willpower

Adding to this extensive information, you will get started on your weight loss goals and change your lifestyle. Here are 4 bonus programs absolutely free to you!  These programs are:

  • Youthful Facial Secrets of the Rich and Fabulous eBook
  • The 5 Detox Methods of Fabulous Celebrities eBook
  • The Limitless Energy eBook
  • The Motivation Companion eBook
  • Reversed Arthritis eBook
  • The Calcium Lie 2 eBook

Can I Really Get Good Results In Only 2 Weeks?

Although 2 weeks might not sound like a good amount of time, it is very possible with the 2-Week Diet plan.  You will have 14 days to eat the right foods, workout, take supplements, motivate yourself, and develop the right mindset.  You will actually feel like a changed person!  You will be able to decide at that time if this diet plan lives up to its promises!

Also, if you do not know the difference between losing weight vs losing fat, the 2-Week Diet Program will explain it in details.  There is a very big difference between the two as fat loss should be your ultimate goal, not lean body mass.  Lean body mass will be responsible for allowing your metabolism to work faster. The bottom line, if you have a faster metabolism, you will lose weight much faster.

Keep in mind, you should not trust diet plans, programs, or products that only concentrate on what your scale is showing.  Scales can be deceiving because they can pose a threat to your health.  If your body loses weight at the cost of all the nutrients your body needs, you can become quite ill and far from the results, you are looking for.  Once you lose nutrients, it will be very difficult to stick to a diet because your body will crave more.

What takes most diets 2 to 3 months, the 2-Week Diet will achieve in only 14 days!  Fast weight loss and fat burning programs are everywhere you turn. The 2-Week Diet is right on target including the following:

You can lose 8 to 16 lbs (4 to 8 kgs) of body fat by simply using some of the quickest and most effective fat-burning techniques ever created.

Lose 2 to 3 dress sizes in just 2 weeks, even if you have tried everything under the sun to lose weight.

Remove 2 to 4 inches from your waist.  You will finally get to wear the clothes you really want to!

With the 2-Week Diet Program, you will increase muscles to make you more sculpted.  You can achieve, what normally takes months, at an unbelievable speed.  Let me make this really clear, anyone can lose weight by cutting out 600 to 850 daily calories from your diet.

However, if you want to build muscle on top of losing a large amount of fat can be a little tricky.  In order to build lean tissue mass takes a certain amount of nutrients in order to allow your muscles to develop and grow.

If you drastically decrease your caloric intake along with lowering your carbohydrate intake, your body will start using your source of protein to get the fuel it needs.  That fuel is your muscle tissue!  Simply put, your body will start eating itself to get the nutrients it needs for more resistant activities.  As an avid weight trainer looking to maintain my muscle mass, this is just not an option.  The idea is to alter your diet so your body has enough nutrients to build lean tissue mass while still having enough fuel for strenuous exercise, which helps build muscle.



You Must Burn Fat While Building Muscle For The Very Best Results:

There is another issue with severely reducing caloric intake.  Most avid muscle builders have experienced bad results by taking in less than 1,200 calories when in the cutting cycle.  They will lose approximately 10 lbs of body fat over the first 3 weeks but after that, they will stop losing altogether.

When my body senses danger, it will kick in its internal defense which stops the fat burning process and will start storing body fat.

This defense mechanism is built into each and every one of us.  It is sometimes referred to as the Starvation Mode which keeps us alive.  You will stop losing body fat and you will experience a lower rate of fat loss.

You must learn how to overcome these obstacles which I have shown to all my clients, but I wanted to find out if the 2-Week Diet plan truly had a solution to the problem.

I make it a general rule not to review diet books because I strongly believe that a diet is only one part of the equations, the other part is weight training a fitness.  That said, I made an exception with this book because it claimed to increase muscle, leaving both women and men more sculpted.

I will not hand out any bunk in this review in order to make sales.  I purchased this program with my own money so I could provide an honest review of the 2-Week Diet Program.

I spent $37 to purchase this program to find out if:

  • Someone can lose 7, 10 or even 17 pounds in 2 weeks.
  • Someone can retain muscle mass while getting lean and fit.
  • Someone can continue to improve while seeing great results.

After reviewing the book, I can honestly say that the program described in this book Will Work for Both Men and Women to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks.  That said, the main question is whether someone can lose 7, 10, or 17 pounds in 2 weeks using the process described in the 2-Week Diet Plan Program?  My answer is Yes, for the following reasons:

As outlined in this program, the caloric restriction is just harsh enough to “shock” the body into rapid weight loss.  Again, rapid weight loss is not a science, you must simply reduce enough calories from your basal metabolic rate to lose a lot of weight quickly.  However, there must be a mechanism that will stop the body from going into the “Starvation Mode” which will stop the loss of fat.

Rapid weight loss can take place without interrupting certain techniques that can trick your body into thinking it does not have to go into the starvation mode.

This next thought is actually very Important!

There are techniques that can be used such as nutrient and calorie cycling that will certainly increase your weight loss in a very short period of time without turning on your body’s defense mechanisms to stop weight loss.  Personally, I use my own nutrient cycling techniques which I have done for many years and these strategies really do work.

Everyone uses a similar but different approach and the 2-Week Diet Program’s approach definitely works and is somewhat unique.  This program uses 4 Phases over the course of 2 weeks which are designed to not only confuse but also shock your body so it never adapts to the number of nutrients being consumed.

Once your body adapts to the harsh level of calorie deficit it will almost turn on the defense mechanism to stop further fat loss.  The program uses a combination of calorie and nutrient cycling to actually enhance fat loss and fool the body.

What I discovered, their approach is not only simple but also very effective.  Each Phase, during the 2-Week Diet Program, uses different nutrient cycles so your body will not adapt to any of the phases.  Your body does not have the time to adapt during the 2-Week Diet Program.

The only thing your body can do, during each phase, is to drop more body weight during each phase.  I have used nutrient cycling over a period of 6 to 7 weeks and it works 10 times out of 10.  I know for a fact that this approach really does work.  The theory behind this diet plan will work for just about anyone willing to use the program.



What You Can Expect From The 2-Week Diet Program:

If you follow the program as laid out, you can drop body fat depending on your body weight, age, gender, metabolism, activity levels, etc.  Keep in mind, the more active you remain, the more body fat you can lose while in this program.  During the program, you can expect many major health benefits from losing unwanted body fat, including:

  • Increase your level of energy
  • Increase your metabolism
  • You will feel and look better
  • Decrease the risk of diabetes
  • Decrease the risk of heart disease
  • Reduce the size of your midsection and other areas

Who Will Benefit The Most From The 2-Week Diet Program?

This program can be used by both men and women of all ages and backgrounds.  This program has been created to help anyone who is willing and committed to something different and wanting to lose body fat.  It is not recommended for those who have a severe nutritional deficiency.  If you have a deficiency, it is advised you to consult with your doctor before committing to this plan.

If you want to drop 10 lbs in two weeks and have the commitment to do so, then this program is for you.

Will This Program Really Work?

In my personal opinion, this program will work.  If you follow the program as it has been laid out, you will lose body fat in the first two weeks!

What I Like About The 2-Week Diet Program:

  • What I like most, this diet does not demand a certain lifestyle.  You will not have a list of foods that you should stay away from.  It does advise which foods are better for your body as well as when and how much you should consume them. (EASY-TO-FOLLOW program)
  • Portions and fresh ingredients along with time management have always proved to be effective.  Depriving someone of certain foods will only lead to people quitting the diet.  What this diet is teaching is moderation which is a great approach that you can carry throughout your life.
  • This diet is very realistic.  While providing an excellent diet plan, it also includes exercise which has always proven to be the most effectual in any diet.  They are not making any outrageous claims as some diet do.  Exercise is a mandatory and natural part of any diet when done correctly.  Also, you do not have to go to a gym for your exercises.
  • This diet helps you mentally prepare for your road ahead.  They emphasize the key element to effective weight loss is dedication which is a positive mindset. It is a fact that if you lose motivation, chances are you will quit.  You will get the motivational support to keep you going.  The final thought, this program really works and will show you how to keep weight off by following their advice, even after the two weeks have ended.



The Disadvantages:

Actually, there is very little negative to say about this 2-Week Diet Program.  The graphics and layout of the eBooks are excellent.  If I had to choose something, I would say I wish it was longer.  Even though it is designed for 2 weeks.  A program like this should allow people to follow it every day of their lives because it covers so much of the planning and preparation time involved.

In Conclusion:

This program will work very well to drop a lot of unwanted body fat in 2 weeks, as outlined.  I have pointed out my reasons why I believe it will work.  How much body fat you will lose depends on a number of factors such as your age, level of activity, your metabolism, gender, and body type.  However, my professional opinion leans toward the 2 Week Diet Program working for just about anyone.

I would have paid $37 for just one meal in this program.  I truly believe the cost is more than worth it just for the valuable information you are provided.

The 2-Week Diet System is a comprehensive weight loss program that considers your emotional, physical, nutritional health, and mindset into consideration.   This program covers a large range of topics to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  Many diet programs don’t even go into this level of detail.  This 2-week program will help you turn your life around in a very healthy way.  If followed properly, you will start to feel really good about yourself.

On top of that, you are given an excellent 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.  You have absolutely nothing to lose but weight.  You will have the confidence and trust you need to start this diet and find out what it can offer you.


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The 2 Week Diet


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