Metabolic Confusion for Fast Weight Loss

How to Confuse Your Metabolism & Why It Works

When you read the words “confusing your metabolism”, it might seem a bit strange at first. Metabolism is one of the most important processes in our bodies, do we really want to mess with it? The answer, this time, is hell YES! Read this article till the END.. and discover the best…..

Metabolic confusion might just be the best way to burn fat and lose weight healthily, so I’d say it’s definitely worth a discussion.

And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing today! Let’s take a look at metabolic confusion and see how it works to your advantage.

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First thing’s first:

What Is Metabolic Confusion?

You already know metabolism is the process of turning calories in carbs into energy, which our body needs to carry out all of its functions. This is the basic idea. Metabolism is not a one-size-fits-all situation; it’s different for everyone and it’s never stable. In fact, it changes according to our habits, the food we eat and the exercises we make.

Now that we understand the basics of metabolism, it’s easy to see how we can confuse it. All it takes is a few variations in our dieting and exercising so we make our metabolism independent from the calories and carbs we intake or burn.

This method has been proven to be successful for fat loss and the achievement of your dream body.

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But Why Does Metabolic Confusion Work?

It may not be easy to see how confusing your metabolism can work to lose weight and burn fat. After all, we’ve spent all our lives listening to the same tune: all it takes to lose weight is a low-calorie diet.

However, that’s not entirely true. While low-calorie diets can work for some people, it’s not a foolproof way to lose weight, not to mention it can be counterproductive because it can cause negative effects on our health. Plus, it’s known that low-calorie diets can actually lead to weight gain over time because it’s simply not a behavior we can sustain for long.

We can hold a low-calorie diet for some time and during this time, our metabolism adjusts to it by optimizing the calories you need to get things done and storing the rest as fat.

When you change back to a normal diet, your body will start storing even more calories than it already was, which means you’ll gain more weight than you lost when you started out.

Beyond that, calories are necessary whether we like to realize that or not. We need them to have energy and to function properly, so depriving our bodies from calories for extended periods of time can actually lead to reduced muscle mass and the triggering of the stress hormone cortisol, which actually keeps you from losing weight not to mention it has adverse effects on your health.

If you want your weight loss to be optimal, confusing your metabolism is one of the best methods you can try. To understand more about it and learn how you can start doing this, continue reading!

Now that we understand what metabolic confusion is and why it works, let’s move onto:

How To Confuse Your Metabolism

With metabolic confusion you are not only losing weight, you’ll also be avoiding unnecessary strain on your body which usually comes with following a low-calorie diet.

Believe it or not, metabolic confusion is very easy to pull off. The best way to do it is through the method of carb or calorie cycling. This process consists of alternating diets, meaning shifting from low-calorie to high-calorie in a structured manner, so your metabolism can act accordingly.

Calorie cycling is not about avoiding particular foods, it’s all about how many calories and carbs you consume. All you need to do is alternate how many calories or carbs you intake whether that’s monthly, weekly or daily, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

People who have found themselves to be stuck at a certain weight can use metabolic confusion to lose that stubborn weight you think will never leave you.

Understanding calorie cycling is easy because all you need to do is be aware of the amount of energy you’ll be needing according to your lifestyle. To do this, you need to look at all the factors that surround your daily activities, such as exercise, work, and responsibilities, etc. and deciding which days of the week require you to have more energy. Did I mentioned it also takes organization and discipline? I thought I had!

The science behind calorie cycling is also very simple and it’s important that you understand it. It basically works like this: the calories you consume get broken into glucose, which is what your body uses for metabolism on the daily. On high-carb days, this glucose will be your body’s source of energy.

What’s more, carbs are also converted into glycogen, which improves muscle functioning so it will provide the energy you need for intensive workouts and it will help you avoid muscle breakdown.

On low-carb days, your body won’t have enough carbs to give your body the energy it needs, which is why it will start burning fat reserves. In other words, your metabolism will use the fat to make fuel, so you’ll be burning calories even if you don’t exercise that day.

Can you believe how straightforward this method is? It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you understand the most basic processes of your body!

Here are the lists of the meal for metabolic confusion:

metabolic confusion for weight loss


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Can I Confuse My Metabolism With Exercise?

The answer is YES! And it’s actually a must so you can get more out of the process. Exercise is the best complement to any weight loss regime, and metabolic confusion is not the exception.

Relying on low-intensity workouts for long periods of time leads to fat storage in your body, so what you need to do in order to lose fat is the exact opposite. This where HIIT workouts come in.

Metabolic confusion requires High-Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT because it’s simply the best exercise to promote this method. HIIT not only encourages strength training, it also burns stomach fat, which is often the most stubborn.

HIIT training consists of continually changing the type of exercise, the duration and the intensity. Because your metabolism has no way to know what you’re doing next, it will work on optimum capacity.

So, to keep your metabolism on its toes you need to engage in exercises that raise your heart rate to 70% and do that a short period of time, usually 15 to 20 minutes, recover for a while, and then go back at it again. HIIT usually involves a high-intensity exercise that you do for a minute, you take a 30 second break and then you go back to it for another minute and so on.

HIIT is wonderful because it will definitely be a challenge and you continue burning calories as much as an hour after you’re done with the exercise. Isn’t that just great? Plus, it will improve your confidence like you wouldn’t believe.

Now let’s take a look at HIIT exercise , shall we?


Metabolic Confusion ft. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting, or IF, is another way of confusing your metabolism and it functions as a dieting pattern you can follow so you can achieve the results you’re looking for.

IF consists of skipping certain meals on the daily so you can burn fat without having to deal with any side effects. This method promotes fasting because it requires the limitation of your calorie eating to a particular eating window. That means that you will only be eating during that window and you’ll be fasting for the rest of the day.

If this seems confusing, just continue reading. You’ll get it!

Intermittent Fasting is basically following an eating cycle in which you’re fasting for long periods and then eating for a short period of time. This will allow you to lose weight faster, but how? How does fasting allow you to lose weight so fast?

It works because it decreases your insulin levels. Remember that your body takes your carbs and turns them into glucose which is then used for energy and to storage fat. What insulin does is make it possible for cells to make use of the glucose available.

That’s why insulin levels drop in the periods where you’re not eating. When there’s no insulin, your cells are forced to use fat or energy in order to function simply because there’s no glucose available. That’s why this method allows you to lose weight so quickly and why it can help you manage your weight a lot more effectively than ever before.

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So, What Happens When You Combine Calorie Cycling With Intermittent Fasting?

When you combine calorie cycling with intermittent fasting, you have on of the most powerful tools for weight loss and it will help you achieve goals that you never thought you could.

Let’s say you’re practicing intermittent fasting where you’re fasting for 15 hours straight. You stop eating every night at 8 and then you have your first meal at 11 AM the next day. If you want to bring calorie cycling into the mix, all you have to do is break down your meals into four and consume them during the 11 AM – 8 PM window.

That means you can have your first meal at 11 AM, and then at 2PM, 5 PM and then you have your last meal of the day at 7:30 PM. During this time, vary your carb intake everyday.

Experts recommend doing it like this: 4 zero-carb days, 2 moderate-carb days, and 1 high-carb day. Just apply this rule to the four meals you’re having on the daily during your meal window.

If you want an example of how a meal schedule would look like, here it is:

  • Monday

Period: 8PM – 11AM

Carb intake: Moderate. Divide 125 grams over 4 meals.

  • Tuesday Through Saturday

Period: 8PM – 11AM

Carb intake: Low. Divide 50 grams of carbs over 4 meals.

  • Sunday

Period: 8PM – 11AM

Carb intake: High. Divide 225 grams of carbs over 4 meals.

It’s that simple!

metabolic confusion meal plan studies

The Benefits of Confusing Your Metabolism

We’ve already compared metabolic confusion to low-calorie diets and mentioned how damaging the latter can be to your health and also how far away it can drive you from your weight loss goals.

To emphasize just how advantageous metabolic confusion is, here are a few benefits you should keep in mind.

  1. No More Unnecessary Body Strain

Low-calorie diets cause a lot of unnecessary stress and strain on our bodies because they’re very limiting and extreme.

It’s no wonder they cause symptoms such as energy loss, fatigue, and they can also cause your body to function much less effectively. That’s simply because it doesn’t have enough energy to do the things you ask of it.

  1. No More Dietary Restrictions

One of the main reasons low-calorie diets tend to fail is because they require you to stop eating most of the food you’re accustomed to. Metabolic confusion doesn’t force you to give up any particular food or drink lots of tea.

You will be able to continue eating the things you like, the only thing you have to watch is the quantities and the number of calories you intake. It’s that easy.

  1. No Triggers For the Stress Hormone

As mentioned earlier, having a low-calorie diet for a prolonged period of time can trigger your body’s stress hormone, Cortisol.

This hormone deals with the release of sugar in the blood, and I don’t need to tell you how detrimental that can be to your health in the long run.

  1. You Will Experience Real Weight Loss

Unlike low-calorie diets, metabolic confusion actually leads to real weight loss in the long run. That’s because you learn how to eat in a way that supports your organism and your weight loss goals as well.

  1. Introduction of Strength Training Into Your Routine

HIIT exercises are the best complement for metabolic confusion and they introduce strength trading into your routine. You will be improving many different aspects through HIIT and strength training, such as building lean muscle, endurance, resistance, and more.

  1. Little to No Extra Expenses

Many of the weight loss methods available don’t only cost you personally, they also cost you a lot of money because they require you to buy specialized ingredients as well as dietary plans and equipment.

Metabolic confusion, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to do any of this. Like I said before, you can still continue eating the food you’re accustomed to buying, you only need to check your calorie intake. And as for equipment, HIIT training works just fine with your own body weight and strength training will probably only cost you the subscription to a gym and access to a personal trainer.

  1. You Will Actually Burn Fat

Because metabolic confusion involves carb cycling, your body will change to fat burning mode and this is great for the long term because it will help you shed all those extra pounds, especially around your belly.

Final Thoughts

Today we learned that diets with a focus on metabolic confusion really do improve weight loss in a great way without causing any damage to your system and supporting it in the long run.

Confusing your metabolism won’t require you to deprive yourself of food, it won’t cause you any unhappiness and it’s overall a great way to help you lose those extra pounds.

If you decide to try any of the metabolic confusion methods we discussed here today, you won’t regret it and you will experience all the improvements you’ve been longing for. All of the methods featured here today have equal potential for weight loss and fat loss provided that you follow them accordingly.

Remember that dieting requires you to change your lifestyle, the secret is to choose a method that feels natural, not forced.

metabolic confusion meal plan

A Program You Can Follow to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

If you’re desperate to reach your weight loss goals, there may be many motivations behind that.

Maybe you’re struggling to find self-love and none of the diets are working, maybe your weight loss plans work for a while and then you gain even more weight than you lost.

Maybe you want a fitter body and to be able to play with your children or run up the stairs without getting winded.

Maybe you’re struggling with depression and low confidence or self-esteem.

Any of these reasons can serve as a good incentive, but incentives can only go so far. Usually, losing weight means investing a ton of extra money on gym memberships, fitness classes, personal trainers and the works.

And investing in gym and professional help is worth it, don’t get me wrong! But on its own, you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for. You need a diet plan that can work and a program you can believe in.

That’s what I wanted to give you today: a good option that will allow you to reach your goals while treating your body the way it deserves in the process and without making it harder than it has to be. And I hope I’ve done that!

Remember that every minute you spend second-guessing the options available to you, you’re taking one step further away from the body of your dreams. And then another, and another, and another…

Take control of your life and do what’s best for you!

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