How to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks [Best.Guide & Program]

Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks: Is this the Holy Grail of Weight Loss?

So, how? Alright, Read till the end…

Ever spent hundreds of hours researching weight loss, getting all excited about new recipes, buying a gym membership, and then found out that the plan you chose doesn’t exactly work?

Ever spent hours on the internet looking for ‘secrets’ that will allow you to stay in control of your weight both in the short- and long-term?

Ever felt disappointed by the lack of accurate information on the internet?

If you found yourself nodding along to any of these, you aren’t alone. Take me, for example, I did all these things and spent thousands of hours (no exaggeration, as I’m sure you know!) looking for the best weight loss philosophies.

During these hours, I tried everything; stories from celebrities and famous people, tips from different countries, and even advice from the smartest scientists in the world. However, I soon realized that everything we all need to know could be broken down into one sentence – eight words, in fact.

I couldn’t believe it – after all the hours of desperation, after all those late nights looking for an answer, I had the holy grail of weight loss.

Despite being 300 pounds (I was) and, although I wouldn’t like to admit it at the time, lazy with an unhealthy diet, I had THE answer.

If you’re ready – I mean REALLY ready – I can give you a sentence that will transform your life. Whether you want stunning abs or just to reduce your weight to comfortable size, I can save you thousands of hours right now. Ready?

how to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks

Lose 15 Pounds in just 2 weeks: We Need to Gain Fat to Lose Fat

Wait…what? For so long, I was so scared of gaining more fat that it was actually holding me back from losing it. Like so many of you, I was being held back by my own fear. My fear was keeping me fat – I couldn’t believe it.

Losing Weight is a Marathon

Sometimes, you’re going to take some backwards steps; nobody’s perfect, right? Although it seems to go against everything you’ve heard and read online, we need to gain weight to lose weight. Just like a race on the TV, we need to take a pit stop every so often and this may mean we take three steps forward for every two back (but we’re still PROGRESSING!).

I soon realized that nothing was as important as this one sentence. It didn’t matter how many calories I ate a day, what routine I introduced, or even how many times I went to the gym. What matters is that failures can be the beginning of our successes. Setbacks can actually be the platform for our comebacks.

Like on a trampoline, we need to get lower on the canvas to bounce back even higher!

Often, I would relapse and start eating unhealthily. Of course, I would then gain weight and feel depressed. Then, there’s a voice in my head that said ‘are you really going to give it all up now?’. The moment I started again, I had more motivation and I would start to lose weight. Without this kick up the butt, without this failure, I would have struggled to lose this weight.

Okay alright, watch this video for additional tips. She has some interesting bits of advice.

DONE? Okay now let’s get into details about my tips.

The Plateau of Weight Loss

If you’ve tried dieting and you’ve even experienced some weight loss in the past, you’ll probably know what comes next…the eventual plateau. When this happened, I found myself relapsing but the wheels were soon in motion once again; three steps forward, two steps back.

Soon enough, I realized my thousands of hours have been spent in the wrong corner of the internet. Therefore, I started to read REAL science, studies, and reports rather than just online guides with pretty colors and pictures.

I may have had to stop every few sentences to look at definitions of big words, but I didn’t give up because I knew I was learning. I was like a sponge – soaking up as much information as I could about protein, fat, carbohydrates, how the body operates with (and without!) each of the important nutrients, etc.

For example, I went back to basics and learned that fat was supposed to be our natural energy supply while carbs are supplementary only. Then, like a scene from a movie, I looked up from the computer and something clicked in my mind;

We need to gain fat to lose fat

After this moment of magic, I went back to assess my relapses and compiled my own guide. The goal is to trick the body; the body needs to think it has unlimited energy and that the main source comes from carbs rather than fat.

If it thinks fat is the main energy source, it begins to use it sparingly. If we trick the body and make it think it has an unlimited pool of energy, the results will soon show.

lose weight at home and gain muscle

The Secret of Losing 15 Pounds 🙂

To start, we need to shock the body by consuming carbs for an extended period of time. When our carb intake increases, the body has no choice but to process them – this leads to a boost in metabolism. Eventually, the carbs are being burned at a faster rate and energy is being used at its maximum level.

Since we’ve been eating carbs for a sustained period, the body will start to think it has an unlimited supply of energy. Our bodies have been through generations of evolution and are incredibly clever.


Because your body will always choose the optimal route to do something; it’ll never take the long route. If the body thinks energy supplies are unlimited, it will use as much as possible. However, everything is about to change.

Instantly, we hit the switch and the body cannot react quickly enough. For some time, the body is still in ‘use as much energy as possible’ mode and will burn fat as if there’s unlimited supplies. Just as the body starts to realize what’s going on, we switch back to carbs and this maintains the increased metabolism – it will continue to use the maximum amount of energy possible.

As we keep flicking the switch, the body goes into shock and can’t control the reflex. By feeding the body excessive carbs and then pulling it away instantly, we keep the body burning the most fat possible while also receiving high levels of energy.

lose weight 15 pounds


Lose 15 Pounds: My Important Advice

Now you know the secret, we have some important notes including the fact that you shouldn’t keep the low carbs going for too long. As soon as the body realizes there isn’t an ample supply of energy, the metabolism will soon slow. Also, we recommend testing the timeframe that works for you because the rate at which metabolism slows will depend on sex, age, weight, etc. As long as they’re used correctly, carbs can be a powerful weapon so be smart and be strategic in order to achieve your goals.

At this point, we should also note that tricking your body isn’t easy; as mentioned earlier, we’ve been through generations of evolution. If insufficient carbs are consumed, the body will know fat is its fuel supply and exactly how much it has.

When the right amount of carbs are eaten, and the body is shocked, the overload needs to be handled with maximum burning (many call this ‘primitive mode’). As we’ve seen above, the secret to losing weight is the reaction time when switching from carbs to fat; it will stay in this advanced speed for a short period before recognizing the change.

For this technique to work, the body needs to be convinced that carbs are the main reserve so this means eating excessive carbs for a significant chunk of time. However, over time, even the body will learn this trick so you’ll need to make adjustments in how you shock the body.

For me, personally, I’ve devised a routine that works for my body and it has also been a help for some of my friends too. In my experience, the most important thing is that the body never falls into anything resembling a routine. As long as you mix up the number of shocks over given periods of time, your body won’t know what’s coming next and you’ll always have the upper hand. Let me share an example plan with you!

fit girl sexy

My Personal Strategy: Lose 15 Pounds

First Week – During the first week, you’ll have two shock days and the rest where you eat at caloric maintenance (moderate carb consumption).

Second Week – In the second week, we can break it down day-by-day;

  • Day 1 – Workout and eat between 0.6g and 1g per pound of carbs (Caloric Maintenance)
  • Day 2 – Workout and eat between 0.6g and 1g per pound of carbs (Caloric Deficit)
  • Day 3 – Rest Day – 50g of carbs (Reverse Shock Day) (1,000 below caloric maintenance)
  • Day 4 – Workout and back to Caloric Maintenance
  • Day 5 – Workout and back to Caloric Deficit
  • Day 6 – Rest Day – 100g carbs (Caloric Deficit)(ensure you don’t consume fast-acting carbs)
  • Day 7 – Rest Day – Shock Day – Between 2g and 3g per pound of carbs

NOTE: Day seven is essential and the focus should always be on carbs, not calories. With lower protein and fat, we aim for a surplus of 500 calories and this should be achieved with between 2g and 3g of carbs per pound. If you need some help, I highly recommend dextrose powder since this will allow the week’s caloric surplus while shocking your body as required.

As the heading of this section says, this is an ‘example’ strategy; it isn’t a magic formula that will work for every single individual on the planet because we’re all unique. While some will only need a shock day every two weeks, others will be looking for two shock days a week so it’s all about noticing how your body reacts and developing the optimum strategy.

If you haven’t been paying much attention to your diet in recent times and carbs were on the menu, the plan above will be a good starting point. If you’ve been on a no-carb diet, you should aim for more surplus days.

Furthermore, I’ve used the word ‘shock’ because this is really what we’re trying to achieve on these specific days. Often, people think I mean ‘cheat day’ but you have to consume an amount the body 1) isn’t accustomed to and 2) isn’t expecting. As you consume lots of carbs, the body will enter shock mode and attempt to burn as many carbs as possible. While simultaneously reducing fat and protein, you should be eating carbs from morning to night. Of course, I’m not saying you should make yourself sick through eating and the first couple of shock days can be testers to find your limits.

Whatever happens, I urge you to keep going because you’ll soon find a way to keep the body on its toes. After a number of weeks, you’ll also need cheat meals and re-feed days. Either way, you’ll notice that I’m not presenting rocket science here; it’s just a case of eating less on deficit days and enjoying more food on surplus days (no reason to frantically write down all the calories you consume in a notepad!).

Here is an example of our Super easy Healthy Dinners. I hope you get an Idea. 


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Exercise Advice – First Two Weeks

Now you have an example strategy and we’ve talked about food…what about exercise? In truth, your body will need time to adjust so I recommend starting with a 20/30-minute walk each day. If you’re an avid gym-goer anyway, start with a cycle or run. If your body has a tendency to store fat despite running dozens of miles each week, look to change things up with advanced plyometrics or something simple like jumping rope (if it’s good enough for world-class boxers, it’s good enough for us!).

Not only does jump rope burn calories much quicker than running (average per minute), it also requires a level of skill and endurance you may not be expecting. As the days and weeks progress, you’ll actually notice the improved coordination and this is why it’s valued so highly in the boxing world. Soon enough, you’ll have explosiveness and quick feet as neural muscle recruitment occurs.

While diet and exercise target short-term weight loss, they also prepare the body for PERMANENT changes. If you don’t see results within the first couple of weeks, don’t panic because this should be seen as a lifestyle change rather than ‘just another diet’. In the early weeks, the illusion of weight loss may appear as the body loses water weight but this is just preparation for what’s about to come.

How Much Exercise Do I Need? – If you ask three different personal trainers, you’re likely to get three different answers for this question and it’s one that has been under the scrutiny of scientists for many years. Often, people will work out too much or not enough and the results of the diet are skewed. Therefore, I’m going to cover this all-important question now.

Weight Loss/Exercise Scientific Research

As we know, exercise is vital for losing weight (and then keeping it off afterwards!). According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), weight loss requires a minimum of 150 minutes and a maximum of 250 minutes of ‘moderate to vigorous’ exercise per week. This being said, ACSM also stated that over 250 minutes will allow for significant results because more is certainly better.

Exercise Per Day

  • Weight loss is most likely when between 150 and 250 minutes of exercise are completed in a given week; intensity should be moderate and this equates to around 20-35 minutes each day. In addition to helping you lose weight, this amount will also prevent weight gain. Even if you don’t lose weight, you shouldn’t gain it either with 20-35 minutes of exercise per day.
  • Substantial weight loss is likely with over 250 minutes of exercise (moderate to vigorous). Now, we’re pushing at least 35 minutes per day.
  • Even if you cut calories a modest amount, weight loss results are still likely to be improved with 150-250 minutes of physical exercise every week.

Are you worried you can’t sustain this level of exercise each day and week? If so, don’t worry just yet because the full quota of minutes doesn’t have to be filled in one go. Not only can you still have rest days, but there are also plenty of creative ways to vary intensity and mix things up to prevent boredom (and the inevitable lack of motivation!).

After Two Weeks Have Passed

Once the first two weeks have been managed effectively, there’s no use making your exercise program more intense until the connective tissues and muscles have had time to strengthen. For me, I found both pilates and yoga to be terrific companions in this journey. If you’re receiving the right nutrients in your diet, these two exercises will both boost the body and the mind.

To finish, I want to talk a little about how weight loss can affect the appearance of your face. If you were to do a quick search on Google now of before/after weight loss pictures, one of the biggest differences you’ll notice between the two is the face.

fit girl exercise


Post Weight Loss of Facial Appearance

Whenever extra fat is stored in the body or in the face, the skin has to stretch. For the latter in particular, the skin around the jaw, neck, and cheeks need to stretch to accommodate the extra fat in the area. For many, after losing significant amounts of weight, they can have loose skin as a result.

Will you have loose skin after losing weight? Unfortunately, I can’t answer this because it depends on your age, how long you’ve been overweight, and more. For older generations where the skin struggles to produce elastin and collagen, and for those who have been overweight for many years, loose skin may be a problem. However, weight loss for most will leave behind a completely different appearance and this is why many get emotional (in a joyous way); they start to see themselves as they were as children, teens, or in early adulthood.

Improving Your Facial Appearance – Wouldn’t it be great if we could target specific areas of the body and just lose weight from this area? Sadly, this isn’t possible but it does have its positives. As we lose weight evenly, the stomach will reveal ab muscles while the face reveals sharper facial features. For many, they love their new facial appearance that shines through.

Since a sharper jawline and cheekbones can often be revealed after weight loss, many industry specialists will recommend a body fat percentage of between 6% and 15%. Suddenly, your face will look healthy once more with less fat in the jawline and more fat in the upper cheekbones. Although common misconception says it’s bad to have fat in the face, some in the cheeks will actually be a sign of good dieting, hard work in the gym, and an overall positive balance to life.

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