Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss One Month

Introducing Keto Diet

Ketogenic diets are popular for their very low carb amount and high amount of fat diet.  It is also similar to Atkins and low-carb diets in several ways.  In Ketogenic diets, there is a significant reduction in the consumption of carbohydrate, with fat coming in as the replacement.  With this drastic reduction in carbs, the body is thrown into a metabolic state referred to as KETOSIS.

During Ketosis, the rate and efficiency at which the body converts fat to energy increase significantly; thus the body turn fat into Ketones in the liver, and this ultimately provide the brain with more energy.

Other benefits of Ketogenic diets include a substantial reduction in insulin and blood sugar levels, and the increased rate of Ketones production in the body, among others.

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5 Beneficial Effects of Keto Diet That Makes It Suitable For You

Most individuals are always seeking to know what the exact benefits of a Ketogenic diet are.  But before we proceed to discuss the answers to such questions, let us look at what Ketogenic diets are all about.

Most diets out there mostly offer a single benefit – weight loss.  Thus, people on such diets tend to lose focus and regress, instead of making progress, because they are getting only the benefit of weight loss.  Ketogenic diets, on the other hand, offer several benefits, considering its ability to change the body’s chemistry.  With Ketones (made from Ketogenic diets) as the source of fuel, your body runs and metabolizes more efficiently.

Here are the top five benefits of the Keto diet:

  • Weight Loss

This is arguably the most sought-after benefit on the list.  Virtually everyone today wants to get rid of excess weight, and with Ketogenic diets, your body uses less of glucose.  Instead, it actively burns the fat to produce the needed energy for its smooth running.

That’s the overview; now let us take a closer look at how the process works.

In the Ketosis state, the level of insulin and blood sugar in your blood reduces.  This reduction means that the fat cells can now release all the fluids held in them.  The direct result of this is the initial weight loss seen in most Ketogenic diet users.  Without the fluids, the fat cells are now sized such that they can quickly enter the bloodstream, and subsequently the liver.  In the liver, they are converted into Ketones.

The same process is repeated continuously throughout the Keto diet, once the user stays caloric-deficient.

  • Improved Appetite Control

A diet low in carb has some unusual but pleasant benefits.  First, when you are on such diets, you get hungry less often, and you hardly have the random cravings to eat those bad foods.  Individuals on Keto diets find it quite easy to engage in intermittent fasting, such that they eat only during specific times of the day.  And they can achieve this because they can control their appetite just to crave the right food at the right time.

  • Improved Mental Focus

When you consume carbs, and they are used as an energy source in your body, there will be an irregular rise and drop in your blood sugar levels.  And this inconsistency in the source of energy will ultimately cause your brain to lose focus for extensive periods.

However, during ketosis, the main fuel source adopted by the brain is Ketoses. And Ketoses consistency means your brain can focus for extended periods, and your mind stays clear and sharp during these times also.

You may not have noticed your absent-mindedness or loss of focus when on carbs.  But you will see and feel the difference once you are into ketosis.

  • Combat Type II Diabetes

Increased rate of insulin production is the underlying factor of a type II Diabetes condition.  Ketogenic diets are known to contain no sugars; hence the HbA1c count in the body is considerably lowered, and the type II diabetes is subsequently reversed.

Likewise, various studies have established that sticking to a Ketogenic diet significantly reduce key markers related to type II diabetes.

  • More HDL Cholesterol

The HDL cholesterol is the good cholesterol, which reduces the cholesterol level in the body by moving them from the body to the liver, where it is used up or expelled out of the body.  LDL works conversely – it transports cholesterol from the liver to other parts of the body.

Keto diet reduces the number of triglycerides in the body while increasing the HDL levels.  One of the most reliable indicators of heart disease is the Triglycerides: HDL ratio, and when this is considered high, it means there is a high risk of heart disease.

Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss One Month: The Mechanism

The Underlying Mechanisms of Ketogenic Diets and Weight Loss

Here is a more in-depth look into how Ketogenic diets contributes to weight loss.

  • More Protein Consumption

Some Ketogenic diets are designed to contain more proteins, and when consumed, they help the body to get rid of excess weight.

  • Food Removal

When you take less carb, you are also limiting your food options.  Thus, you consume less calorie, and you are subsequently left with less fat.

  • Gluconeogenesis

Ketogenic diets ensure that the fat and protein in your body are converted into carbs – the fuel on which the body runs.  Through this process, you are burning several extra calories every day.

  • Keeping your appetite in check

You will most likely feel full when on ketogenic diets, due to positive changes in hunger hormones – ghrelin and leptin.

  • Improved insulin sensitivity

Ketogenic diets are known to enhance insulin sensitivity considerably, thus improving metabolism and the utilization of fuel by the body.

  • Less Fat Reservoir

Studies have suggested that with ketogenic diets comes a drop in the lipogenesis – conversion of sugar into fat, thus depleting the fat storage.

  • Increased fat burning

With ketogenic diets, you will burn more fats daily, either while resting, exercising, or during daily activities.

With these points, you probably have a clearer perspective on how a ketogenic diet can be a viable weight loss tool, compared to low-fat, low-protein, and high-carb diets.

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Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss One Month: Metabolic diseases

The Underlying Mechanisms of Effects of Ketogenic Diets on Metabolic Diseases

Obviously, markers of metabolic diseases are significantly affected by ketogenic diets, and this can be explained using the key factors described below:

  • Fewer Carbs

More carbs in the body will lead to a rise in blood sugar and insulin levels, and if this continues over time, the cells will drop in functions and subsequently damaged.

  • Less Insulin Resistance

When there is less insulin resistance, inflammation, high triglyceride levels, and increased fat, among other issues arise.

  • Healthy Fats

Ketogenic diets offer extra healthy fats that improve the HDL cholesterol levels (the good cholesterol).

  • Ketone Bodies

The health benefits of ketone bodies are amazing, and may positively affect cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and related diseases.

  • Inflammation

Ketogenic diets can be helpful in combating chronic inflammation, which arises from metabolic syndrome and other associated diseases.

  • Losing Fat

Keto diets are known to promote the shedding of body fat, particularly the belly fats.  Such a loss saves the body from various chronic abdominal problems that may affect metabolic health.

Likewise, the normal insulin function of the body can be restored with Ketogenic diets.  According to many research, poor insulin function enhances inflammation, while healthy or normal insulin function combats it.

Now you see how these factors, when combined, contribute to good health while shielding the body against diseases.

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Following a Ketogenic Diet

Here are the basic rules that govern a Ketogenic diet:

Remove Carbs – consume not more than 30 grams of carbs daily.

Take more staples – meat, cheese, avocados, oily fish, whole eggs, cheese are good staples that you can include in your diet.

Consume more veggies – when each of your meal is based on low-carb veggies, you will feel not only full but also eliminate fat sources that are usually high in calories.

Experiment – Ketogenic diet leaves room for experiments.  Feel free to try Ketogenic ice cream, puddings, muffins, pasta, and others.

Work with a plan – staying on track without a plan can be difficult.  You may not find low-carb meals readily, and for such situations, it is best that you have a good plan of snacks or meals to fill in.

Search for your preferences – do not stop experimenting until you arrive at the best Keto diet for you.

Monitor your progress – photos, measurements, and other means of monitoring are allowed.  Make and record observations periodically, e.g., every 3 to 4 weeks. If there is little or no progress, try to reduce the portions a bit.

Change minerals – your mineral and fluid balance is usually affected by ketosis.  Thus, you may salt your food, or consume magnesium or electrolytes.

Take supplements – consuming ketone salt supplements, like the MCT oil (5-10 gram twice daily) will enhance the Ketogenic process considerably.  The same results can be obtained by using coconut oil regularly.

Stay consistent – like any other diet, you must be consistent to achieve success with Ketogenic diets.

If possible, monitoring your ketone levels in either urine or blood is advisable.  With this, you can discover if your carb levels are low enough to make ketosis possible.

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The Right and Wrong Alcoholic Drinks for Ketogenic Diets

Ketogenic diets do not stop you from taking alcohols, although there are some basic rules to it.  First off, alcohol does not facilitate weight loss.  In fact, if consumed in excess, alcohol may slow down your weight loss progress.  This is because the body burns the alcohol before any other thing. And on that background, it is safe to say that there are various kinds of drinks and they can either be good or disastrous for your Ketogenic journey.

Wines have secondary carbs compared to beer; thus most people on Keto diets will prefer wine.  Although whiskey, vodka, and other pure spirits have no carbs, the sweet drinks may contain excessive amounts of sugar.


A Keto diet of fewer than 20 grams allows you to have a glass of wine reasonably regularly.  And if you are on a mild low-carb diet, you can still consume your favorite wine.  However, you should note the concentration of sugar in dry wines is about 0.5 grams per glass.  The other carbs are from the remains of the fermentation process, including glycerol.  Thus, they have little or no effect on insulin or blood sugar levels.  If you seek to be conservative, then the number 2 grams of carbs per glass of dry wine is right for you. Summarily, you can fit in almost all dry wines into your Keto diet, without any adverse effects.

However, you should avoid sweet dessert wines, as they contain massive amounts of sugar.

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Keto doesn’t go with beers, because they contain high amounts of liquid bread, i.e., carbs that are rapidly digestible.  Thus, beers do not go well with weight control and must be avoided in keto also.

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Important Note

Most people on Keto diet gets intoxicated easily, even without consuming high amounts of alcohol.  Thus, an individual taking alcohol on Keto for the first time must be cautious.  If possible, halve your regular consumption.  This doesn’t only save your Keto journey but also some money, although the hangover may be serious.  And for this reason, it is advisable that once you are impaired, you should avoid anything that can increase the risk of accidents or injury – like driving.

While the reasons for this cannot be outrightly ascertained, it has been linked to the fact that the liver burns less of the alcohol consumed, since it is busy producing glucose or Ketones. 


How to Determine If You Are in Ketosis

Having started a Ketogenic diet, you can determine if you are in ketosis using various methods.  Measurement by urine, blood, or breath sample tests is one option, and you can also employ telltale symptoms that need no testing:

  • Increased thirst and dry mouth

You may feel a metallic taste or dryness in your mouth, especially if you do not take enough electrolytes.  To solve this, drink a cup of bouillon once or twice daily while taking as much water as you crave.

  • Frequent Urinations

A ketone body, acetoacetate, may lead to urine. Thus, testing for ketosis via urine strips is practically impossible.  During the early days of your keto diet, you may urinate more than the usual, and this, in turn, leads to increased thirst.

  • Keto Breath

Individuals under Ketogenic diets may have breaths that smell like a fruit or a nail polish removal.  And Acetone, a ketone body, which usually escapes from our breath, is responsible for these unusual smells.  Such smells can also be present in our sweat, especially during exercises.  However, this only happens for a while.

Other less specific, although positive, signs are:

  • A drop in appetite

Most individuals on a Keto diet complain of a decline in their hunger level, in fact, eating once or twice daily is enough for some individuals.  This is probably due to the enhanced ability of the body to convert its fat reservoir into fuel. And in addition to saving time and money, this development makes weight loss faster.

  • More energy

Although they are initially hit by the “Keto flu” (a consistent feeling of tiredness) in the early days, most Keto users experience a significant rise in their energy levels with time.  The same effect is felt on the brain and mind, with clear thinking and absence of a clouded mind the leading signs.

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Why You Should Try A Ketogenic Diet

There is no universal diet for everyone, considering the variations in our metabolism, body types, taste buds, personal preferences, and lifestyles.  Even with this, Ketogenic diets can make a huge difference in overweight individuals or those at the risk of metabolic syndrome.

However, if you are the type that hates prefers carbs to high-fat foods, you may have problems sticking to Ketogenic diets. If you still prefer the idea of a low-carb diet, you may have better options in standard low-carb diet and carb cycling. Psssst, check out this HIGH QUALITY Keto diet program (Recommended)

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If you aim to lose fat and improve health, you may decide to use Ketogenic diets on a long-term basis, although you must be disciplined and eat healthily to achieve this.

Elite athletes or individuals seeking to build massive muscles will find Ketogenic diet their best option.  But vegans and vegetarians may have a hard time with Ketogenic diets because most of the diet contains dairy, fish, eggs, and meats.

You should also note that moving from conventional diet to a Ketogenic diet may bring about adverse symptoms called “Keto Flu,” with symptoms like a significant drop in energy level and mental function, increased hunger, sleeping problems, inadequate exercise performance, nausea, and digestive issues among others.  Although Keto Flu doesn’t happen every time, it is enough reason for some people to back out even before they begin.  But if you can scale through the first few weeks, which are usually the toughest, you will eventually achieve the desired results.

If you are looking to take the weekend off, then you may reconsider going on Ketogenic diets.  This is because the diet allows the intake of a very minimal amount of carbs – less than 50 grams daily.

Keto Can Be The Difference

This is most likely not mentioned above, but Keto offers you a wide range of tasty recipes.  Unlike other diets out there, Ketogenic diets are flexible enough to let you eat what you love.  Perhaps it is more than a diet because many people now consider Keto as a lifestyle that, if adopted, can transform the whole life.

To avail everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits offered by Keto diets, a new created a program that will help individuals to incorporate Keto into their lives.  With the Keto Diet Weight Loss Challenge, you can access every guideline needed to be successful on your Keto journey.  By becoming a part of a Keto community, you get to share ideas with other Keto users, as well as one-one-help from experts in the house.

The community currently boasts of several hundreds of members, all of which are losing thousands of pounds weekly.  However, we are seeking to know more about the positive benefits of keto and how it has influenced lives positively.


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