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dr Liz’s Best Tea: The Best Red Tea for Detoxification

Everyone on the weight loss journey would love a simple formula that performs effectively without strict requirements on diet or exercise.  Although the popular opinion holds that there is no formula, one woman is stating the contrary.

Statistics show that more than 30% of adults in the U.S. have to deal with obesity issues. Obesity is a serious health risk in itself and it also leads to many other serious diseases, including depression, diabetes, and heart attacks.

Overweight people also appear to be older than their actual age. Individuals that have this problem need an extraordinary solution to help them lose some of the unwanted fat and attain a healthy lifestyle.

Most people who suffer from obesity have most likely wished at some stage that there was a simple way in which they could lose weight without too much exercise or sacrifice. One woman believes that such a solution exists. This review of Red tea Detox will answer any question you may have about this popular weight loss and detox program, while also explaining some of the science behind it.

Thus, in the view to either backup or debunk her claims, this is the alternative of dieters/detox tea other than green tea or white tea; this Red Tea Detox Review will attempt to answer questions arising from this great detox and weight loss program while unraveling the underlying science behind it.

By the end of this review, you’d have known if the formula is indeed what it claims to be and if it is fit for your needs.

Tea consumption, as a habit or lifestyle, has been prominent in the US in recent times than ever.  Statistics from the Tea Association of the USA Inc. has it that about 158 million Americans consume tea, and this population includes people of different ages, locales, and preoccupation.

Beware! This is super detailed reviews you won’t find anywhere else. Read till the end……


red tea detox program

Although the health benefits of drinking tea may be a subject of doubts to some, the calming and detoxification benefits are clear.  The last few years have seen the advent of various plants and plant blends claiming to be sources of tea with significant health benefits.

If you are a tea drinker, have you ever tried Red Tea? 

Well, in this Red Tea Detox Review, we will be considering all the factors that have contributed to the recent popularity of this particular tea alternative.

According to Elizabeth Swann, the program is designed to make you a tea drinker, if you are not one already; and if you are, to achieve positive changes in your life via the Red Tea.


red tea the best

Absolute Best Detox Tea for Weight Loss Reviews #1

Introducing the Red Tea Detox Program

Dubbed as one of the most comprehensive detox programs out there, the Red tea Detox offers users extensive guidelines and well-thought-out schedules.  Specially created by the renowned naturopath, Elizabeth Swann, the program is designed to help everyone on their quest to achieve general wellbeing and healthier body weight.

With the program, you are sure of regaining your youthful radiance and energy, such that you become fit internally and physically to take on the many challenges of everyday life.

The Red Tea Detox Basics

Although losing weight is often an uphill battle, it can be made simple. If you can simply sip some tea at home to achieve the results you want, there is no need to constantly get depressed and think about the negative health effects the obesity has.

You can achieve your dream body shape and size by simply making a dieters tea at home. The special recipe will help you cut down all that stubborn fat, enabling you to lead a much healthier lifestyle.

Chances are that you’re thinking of green or black tea at this stage as these two types of teas are very popular nowadays. For many years now, green tea has been credited for various health and wellness benefits, including helping with weight loss.

The evidence is in fact irrefutable. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that help minimize various risks, including health complications such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Although beneficial, green tea is however gradually losing its position as the healthiest tea due to its delicious rival, Red Tea, also known as Rooibos, becoming better known.

Many people have never heard of red tea despite that it has been used in Africa for many years. A Kenyan ethnic group has in fact used this tea decades ago to reduce hunger while they were hunting.

This group never realized that the valuable plant they were commonly using would one day be used to the benefit of many overweight people all over the world. The ‘discovery’ of the tea used in Kenya, Africa, by westerners ultimately led to the development of The Red Tea Detox system.

As the name suggests, The Red Tea Detox system is a program that shares previously unknown information on the benefits of red tea, specifically regarding the suppression of appetite and enabling users to stay more active.

Fortunately, the ingredients presented in this program does not require that you travel to Africa to enjoy this dieter’s tea. The specific components can in fact easily be found in your own kitchen. This makes The Red Tea Detox system a great solution for anyone wanting to lose weight fast.

The key component of the Red tea Detox Program is a unique drink of African origin, made from a blend of five essential herbs – and this combination is responsible for the efficacy of the tea in turning around the health of its consumers.

Most African tribes are still thriving till today all thanks to the Red tea – it compensates for the absence of a complex diet system and a comprehensive medical care system available in most developed and developing nations of the world.

Introducing Elizabeth Swann

The Red Tea Detox program was created by Liz Swann Miller. She is also an Amazon top-selling author who has in the past decade helped numerous women and men rediscover their happiness, health, and wellbeing.

Liz has years of experience and has practiced as a naturopath specializing in wellness through nutrition. She has two degrees, one in physiology and the other in a naturopath. Liz suffered from obesity in her early years, and this ultimately sparked her interest in weight loss.

She has struggled with obesity throughout her childhood and teenage years, and even her 20s and early 30s. After having lived with countless humiliations and constantly having to deal with the threat of developing further health issues, she finally decided that she had to change something.

That was when she decided to do more research on the topic. Over a period of many years, Liz has written numerous books on the topic, assisting people globally fighting the same problem.

Her goal has always been to educate people on which types of food to eat and how they could change their eating habits to enable a healthier lifestyle.

Her big breakthrough in weight loss, however, came when she stumbled across The Red Tea Detox. Liz was introduced to the delicious beverage called Red tea when she visited Africa. Red tea stimulates the body’s metabolism to help process excessive body fat.

The result is that it becomes easy to lose weight without using expensive weight loss pills, seeking medical intervention, or even starving yourself. While Liz was on a visit to Africa, she went to a jungle in Kenya to search for herbs and recipes that could improve people’s wellbeing.

During the visit, Liz was bitten by a snake and subsequently lost consciousness. When she woke up, she found herself in a thatched hut with a tribal shaman that was looking after her. He took good care of her and while attempting to save her life, gave her an unknown red liquid to drink.

To her surprise, it tasted very good and had no adverse side effects that she could determine. The only side effects that were noticeable were rapid weight loss and increased energy. Liz managed to talk one of the village elders into showing her the ingredients and how to make the red tea. This experience allowed Liz to write one of her latest eBooks “The Red Tea Detox”.

Naturopathy and Psychology are the two main fields where Elizabeth Swann specializes, and with a degree each in both fields, as well as impressive exploits over the years, she is considered as one of the best in her field.  The mother of two resides at Mt. Carmel, Israel.

Elizabeth Swann’s excellent expertise has also been shaped by her battle, and eventual success, with weight loss. Likewise, as a professional weight loss and training consultant, she has helped several individuals with health problems relating to excess weight to get back their normal life.


The Review – Red Tea Detox Program

The program was borne out of extensive research undertaken by Elizabeth Swann, and which lasted for over a decade, alongside actual testing for about three years.  This explains the inclusiveness of the program, as well as its simplicity and logical nature.

A More-Detailed Look at Red Tea Detox

Detoxification and weight loss are the two main goals the diet program sets out to achieve.  While Elizabeth Swann recognizes the differences between weight loss and detoxification, she explored their relationship also.  Detoxification means the elimination of “toxic” components in your body – harmful ingredients from junks, by-products of stress (free radicals), and pollution among others, and it is a popular technique among naturopaths.

Over time, we have had several detox diets, but almost all are unproven scientifically because most claims about detoxification are practically impossible to study.  And this has put away the mainstream medical community from exploring the scientific aspect of detoxification.

While we unequivocally ascertain the legitimacy of detox diets, such must never involve starvation of intentional deprivation of the body of useful nutrients.

Red Tea Detox – How Does the System Work?

The Red Tea Detox Program mentions 4 key principles that help individuals to lose weight.

  1. The Red Tea Detox Program assists in controlling hunger and craving for carbs. Several studies show that many people have very little control over their eating, resulting in them eating more and more. This often leads to them finding themselves having a snack very often without being able to help it. The program will help these people to prevent mood swings, thereby limiting the possibility of emotional eating.
  2. The program will also help people avoid a case of rebound weight, which is normally brought on by skipping meals. This comes with the realization that to lose weight, the main factor is not so much about consuming less, but it’s rather about eating healthy.
  3. The Red Tea Detox also helps by controlling metabolism. This is done via an increased metabolic rate, which in turn leads to weight loss.
  4. The program also helps speed up digestive processes and helps wash away toxins. This allows the body to function much better, yielding improved weight loss results. The methods most people use for weight loss often means restricting their diet, abandoning favorite foods, and often even eating foods that do not taste pleasant. Some weight loss methods also require participants to do strenuous physical activities that are both difficult to perform and exhausting. Other weight loss programs consist of taking very expensive injections or pills, and even risky, expensive surgery that has many negative and detrimental side effects.

The Red Tea Detox is the exact opposite and does not require that you do much at all. It does for example not require doing strenuous activities or starving yourself. It is also without risks, hidden expenses, or harmful side effects. The program’s approach is rather very simple and on point, and can be summarized in three simple paragraphs as described below.

  1. Exercise Less, Weigh Less

It is important to understand this point clearly. The Red Tea Detox program does not require that existing exercising routines should be abandoned. It rather takes the approach that you should exercise differently by working out smarter rather than harder. The scientific foundation of how much exercise is needed to lose weight is also discussed. This means that you won’t have to work out too much, as just the right amount will be most beneficial.

  1. Restore Hormonal Balance and Reduce Stress

The program recognizes a strong link between weight and stress. The more stressed you are, the more likely it is that your weight will increase. Stated differently, when you’re stressed or feeling unhappy, it creates a high risk of you compensating by indulging in emotional eating. Drinking red tea will however help you easily beat stress, while it will also restore the hormonal balances that will help you lose significant weight.

  1. Eat More and Lose More Weight

Although many people will disagree with this statement as it is counterintuitive, the Red Tea Detox program suggests that in most cases, eating too much does not necessarily lead to being overweight. The program, therefore, does not require that you reduce the amount you eat. You will, however, have to drink the dieter’s tea and this will help flush out toxins and boost your metabolism.


#1 Best Red Tea Detox for Weight Loss Reviews: More detailed

A Detox Diet for Weight Loss

As stated earlier, weight loss and detoxification are related, although they are different.  And Elizabeth Swann is of the same line of thoughts: according to her, eliminating toxins from the body improves metabolism, and ultimately ensure a smoother body.  This is entirely logical – the presence of waste materials from junk food tends to slow down the body system.

In the bid to explain toxins extensively, Elizabeth Swann dedicated a whole section in the eBook on toxins, where she discussed what they are, how they end up in our system and their effects on our bodies.  Toxins are not fabrications – several academic articles have examined the subject in the past, especially how we get exposed to them unknowingly.

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The Structure of the Red Detox Program

Phase 1 is preceded by an optional three-day tea cleanse period.  At the end of the cleansing period, Phase 1 starts and last for five days, over which detoxification and cleansing of the gut are achieved.  According to Elizabeth Swann, Phase 1 will result in a rapid weight loss—about 5-10 pounds on the average.

The next phase – Phase 2 – is very restrictive, although it is the shortest and fastest phase.

Then the third and last phase is Phase 3, where the bulk of the work goes into healing your liver, which is the most-affected organ of the body by toxins.  While a couple of the claims made by Elizabeth Swann about this phase appears contrary to logic, she did back them up with relevant research.

The program is designed by Elizabeth Swann, such that there are foods and drinks slated for each phase.  There are also arrangements on the best time to eat these meals, to ensure intermittent fasting that in turn burn the extra fat in the body.  Red Tea Detox favors low carbs extensively, and a user may not consume more than 30 grams of carbs daily, although foods with high-fat amount are recommended for a phase of the program. Women benefit a lot from saturated fats, and so far these fats are sourced from healthy foods, there will not be a weight gain.

Red Tea is consumed orally through drinking – about six glasses daily. And if you are capable of repeating the cycle at the end of the regular 14 days, it is safe – you will end up shedding more weight.

Elizabeth Swann’s detailed understanding of Psychology means that she recognizes the need to commit the whole mind and body to the program to achieve success.  And in the Red Book Detox Program, she integrated the power of a positive mindset into the diet and exercise plans.  She showed users how motivation and willpower are pivotal factors in the quest to get a perfect body.

There are some useful tips on how to stay inspired and results-driven when the situation demands.  The Red Tea Detox Program helps users to understand that the satisfaction that comes with eating a healthy meal can be transitioned into building a happy personal life.  Summarily, the right food is a viable source of happiness!

The Red Tea Detox Details

In the Red Tea Detox program, the exact ingredients needed to boost your metabolic rate will be found. This will help cut down the excessive fat that might be stored in your body. Simply follow the simple red tea recipe without making any lifestyle changes. The recipe contains several natural ingredients that will help you burn extra calories. Some of the main ingredients are described below.

Chia Seeds

This is one of the most effective substances that can be used for weight loss. Chia seeds contain fiber that helps boost metabolism, omega 3 and anti-oxidants.


Maca is rich in vitamins B and C, and also contains appropriate levels of amino acids and zinc. Maca is often used as natural food to assist the body in reducing stress and fighting cancer.


Cocoa has many benefits. It helps to increase the metabolic rate, which is crucial to enable the body to convert fat into energy. It also stimulates serotonin, a hormone found in the brain. Serotonin is responsible for mood regulation, while also conditioning the body to demand fewer calories.


Vanilla is simply used to add taste to the tea, making it pleasant to drink.

When the ingredients described above are combined at the right amount with fruit and vegetables, it will improve the body’s health seamlessly.

Watch this video testimonial:

Red Tea Detox Program – the Pros and Cons


First, this Red Tea Detox Program is encompassing in nature, i.e., it doesn’t solely depend on a certain aspect to achieve its goals of improved wellbeing and weight loss.  Rather, it is a combination of several features working together.

In the same vein, Elizabeth Swann has combined diet, exercise, and the right mindset to achieve a detailed, yet simple, program that everyone can easily understand and utilize.  She employed a simple presentation style all through, thus ensuring that the contents are fit for everyone.

The contents or guidelines are not confusing or misleading, and they are well-written to deliver only the truth in its simplest elements.  You will find the book quite interesting and worthwhile, and while at it, you may never want to stop – like some favorite novel.

Summarily, the advantages of the program include its multifaceted and uncomplicated nature, and the clearly-explained and detailed phases, alongside its smooth readability.


Now let us look at the downsides.  First off, you may want to back off the Red Tea Detox Program if you are interested in a fix that works part-time because the program involves every aspect of your life significantly.

Thus, if you are not ready to go hard on your goal of losing weight and becoming healthier, or you do not count yourself or your family worthy enough to deserve these essential sacrifices, you are better off without this program.

The program requires that you reduce to the least, or entirely remove, the tasty foods you are used to.  It also requires that you exercise for half-an-hour daily.  For some, 30 minutes is too much to spare, and for others, they are better off sleeping or surfing the internet during that period.

Another notable disadvantage here is the absence of the five herbs that constitute the Tea that keeps hunger away while giving the body more energy.  This may be an issue for individuals with allergies, although the availability of the package in groceries means it has been checked and certified fit for consumption by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

Summarily, the downsides of the program include the detailed nature of its contents, which must be carefully understood and digested by the user.  Also, a significant level of commitment is expected of the user.

red tea detox program

Is the diet safe for you?

With our discussions so far, it is evident that Red Tea Detox program is very worthy of your trial. And although Elizabeth Swann laid repeated emphasis on its simplicity, it is going to be a challenge, so be well prepared.  Shelving your old diet for a new one can be difficult, and you may feel some headaches or crankiness at first during the process of a recalibration by your body.

During such times, you will feel like giving up, but you must not!  And this is why you must develop the right mindset – to never give up irrespective of how hard the journey seems.  If you have any existing medical issues, it is best that you consult your doctor before trying the Red Tea Detox Program.

Best Weight Loss Tea Detox Infographic

best detox tea for weight loss infographic


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How effective is the Red Tea Detox?

No universal product works for everyone when it comes to weight loss and overall wellbeing. Thus, the Red Tea Detox should not be seen as a one-stop-solution to everyone’s health problems.

However, the recent increase in the population of tea drinkers and the tea-drinking culture, as well as great reviews from diverse medical practitioners and health enthusiasts all confirm the health benefits of consuming tea.

There have been clear positive reviews confirming the efficacy of the Red Tea Detox Program, especially its unique nature that beats all generalizations while providing its users with enhanced vitality and improved overall health.

One of the living testimonies to this is Elizabeth Swann herself – she lost about 41 pounds by staying faithful to the Red Tea Detox Program – a program she created herself.  Thus, we can say that the program is a combination of actual research and personal experience, rather than unproven theories and assumptions.

As an additional assurance, Elizabeth Swann included an uncommon 60-day money back guarantee offer in the package.  Thus, you are open to requests for a refund if you do not shed at least five pounds in two weeks.  Not so many weight loss and wellness programs offer such fantastic guarantee.

Real Results from Real People

The Red Tea Detox program has made my life so much better – Heather E.

I had no idea how much poison I was stuffing into my body on a daily basis before I found Liz’s program. I have however since discovered that the crucial factors that cause us to gain weight are everywhere, including in the drinks we have, the food we eat, and even the air we breathe. Thanks to the Red Tea Detox program, I have lost a huge amount of weight and am now healthier and fitter than ever before.

A diet I can finally believe in – John Mueller

I have tried many diet plans before, but I can now confidently state that I’ve finally found one that I believe in fully and recommend to everyone. It is not only scientifically sound, but it also has proven results. Liz is a great coach and delivers pure gold in terms of practical advice and scientific facts. I believe that this diet plan is one of the most effective that can be found online.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

One of the great things about the Red Tea Detox Program is that we offer a 60- day money back guarantee. Investing in this program will never be a waste of money. If you aren’t happy with the results of the program in the first 60 days, simply ask for a refund. This guarantee is unique in the weight loss market as it is impossible to get this offer with other weight loss products, including diet pills and gym memberships.

What does the Red Tea Detox Program include? 

The Red Tea Detox Program is a strategy that helps you lose weight and prevents you from gaining it again. The program contains everything needed to achieve weight loss goals. The program includes a recipe for the Red Tea, and explanations as to why red tea is so successful when it comes to weight loss. Also included is a full diet plan to use throughout the detox process. Moreover, you will get a guide on how to work out effectively, and a motivational booklet to help you through the process while you’re achieving your goals.

The Red Tea Detox Motivational Booklet

red tea detox motivation

This booklet describes several common myths regarding willpower. It will help you stay on the right track despite facing obstacles along the way. It will also make the process much easier by giving guidelines throughout every step.

The Red Tea Detox Workout

red tea detox motivation workout

This workout will help you increase your metabolic rate to improve fat burning. It demonstrates some short workouts that are easy to do and only take 20 minutes. It also shows how you can balance your metabolism and get rid of the toxins that delay fat burning processes.

The Red Tea Detox Eating Plan

Teaches you how to trigger the body’s natural fat burning powers by using food. Also highlights the best food combinations that can be used for ultimate results. This 14-day diet plan is sure to boost your metabolism and help you get rid of excess weight.

4 FREE BONUS Gifts that come with the Red Tea Detox Program

Audio MP3 – Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis

This bonus guide will help you orient your mind not to crave for junk food and sweets, thereby helping you achieve your weight loss goals. You’ll also be able to reduce hunger with the weight loss hypnosis. The bonus guide will show you to configure an 18 minutes workout on an MP3 device, laptop or mobile phone.

100 Smoothie Fat Loss Recipes that taste great

100 specially formulated different green smoothie recipes are included to help you lose weight, detox your body, feel full and satisfied, retain energy and increase power during workouts. You will also get cooldown recipes to try during summer and warm recipes to try during winter.

5 Detox Methods Famous Celebrities Use

This guide reveals the secrets celebrities use for detox. It will show you how celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé detox their bodies. This guide includes detox methods such as colonics, body-brushing, saunas, and more. We also include tips on how to get the best benefits from each of the processes.

The Ultimate Superfood Guide

This bonus will show you what superfoods are and the role they play in your body. This guide also provides a list of superfoods that are used for different results. If you are trying to have a baby, or simply want to look younger, this guide will show you which superfood will be most effective in helping you achieve your goals.


Q: In What Form is this Program Supplied?

The Red Detox Tea is supplied in PDF format. This will enable you to access it from anywhere, using a laptop, tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Q: Who can use the Red Tea Detox?

Although the Red Tea Detox is suitable for people of all ages, it is most effective for women and men from ages 30 to 60 year. The bodies of many people have difficulty losing weight during this period and tend to store more fat. Thanks to the Red Tea Detox, people within this age group can lead a better life while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, without having to deal with issues related to weight.

Q: When Will I See Results with the Red Tea Detox Plan?

We understand that you might be skeptical about the results of this program. It is quite normal to have doubts about losing weight in a few short weeks. The testimonials provided by past users of the program do however show that many have experienced positive results in a few weeks. Although results will vary from one person to the next, you will be able to see positive results quickly.


red tea detox program bonus


Weight Loss and Attractiveness (Men & Women)

pretty girl weight loss

Although most dieters use a weight loss program to improve their health, others do it to become more attractive by changing their appearance. Although whether or not you are attractive is subjective, researchers have studied the amount of weight that has to be lost before a change in appearance become noticeable.

Researchers at the University of Toronto looked at facial attractiveness and weight loss. The findings were published in Social Psychology and Personality Science, and suggest that about 8 or 9 pounds have to be shed before others notice a difference in facial features. You would, however, have to lose about twice that amount before others will, in fact, find you more attractive.

Nicholas Rule, the study author, a Canada Research Chair and an associate professor in Social Perception and Cognition at the University of Toronto explained that facial adiposity (the amount of face fatness) was investigated, as it is seen as a good indicator of health. He added that women’s facial attractiveness may be more sensitive to changes in weight. This means that women wanting to lose weight have to lose less than men before people will find them more attractive.

You finally have a viable solution to the consistent exhaustion and depression you experience as a result of being overweight and unhealthy.  With the Red Tea Detox Program, you can get back on track, while devoting full concentration to taking care of your family and making giant strides in your profession.  All these are achievable by investing an extra effort and making sacrifices to eat and exercise healthily, or simply by taking better care of yourself.  To achieve success with the Red Tea Detox Program, it all begins and ends in your mind.  Without the willingness of your mind to be part of what your body is doing, there are very slim chances of success. This is a Proven high-quality training program.

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