Best Yoga DVD for Weight Loss

Best Yoga DVD for Weight Loss: Complete Guide to the Yoga Burn Program

With so many different exercise programs and diet plans available on the internet right now, I felt compelled to tell my story with the Yoga Burn program. Here’s my story, I hope it inspires you to make a change (no matter how small!) today.

In life, people are generally scared to hit rock bottom…and so was I. However, it has a positive; knowing that the only way is up. After my partner decided to end our long-term relationship, at first, I was angry. Soon enough, I was able to reflect on the whole situation and realize that I had gained weight in the years since our first date.

As I gained weight, my confidence took a knock and I had transitioned into a completely different person. Though desperately sad at the time, him leaving actually made me realize that I wasn’t who I thought I was. Immediately, I turned my attention to losing weight, getting healthy, and getting back to how I was in the past.

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Finding the Yoga Burn Program

At first, I found several home workout programs. Yet, only one really caught my attention; the Yoga Burn program. Reading the success stories got me excited, so I grabbed my notebook and started to write down some lifestyle changes I would introduce. I wanted to;

  • Stop eating so much junk food
  • Introduce the Yoga Burn program
  • Reduce my calorie intake
  • Stick with the classic meat, fish, and vegetables

At this point, I should note that my prior experience with yoga was, well, let’s just say minimal. After getting started, I found the workouts would get my heart racing and I steadily improved. As the sweat dripped from my face, it felt liberating to know I was making progress. Pssstt… you can check this weight loss program. (20% OFF)

Over time, I stuck with the four goals above and I couldn’t believe how great I felt. With diets and workout regimes, they often focus too much on results and numbers; what they forget to mention is how great it can feel when the heart is pumping and you’re full of energy.

In three months, I’ve lost 30 pounds and I’ve gradually weaned myself from the deadly snacks (snacks I couldn’t resist beforehand!). Although it sounds like a cliché, the Yoga Burn program has been integral to the turnaround in my life.

Nobody ever feels ready to leave the bed for work in the mornings, but I no longer feel lethargic or more tired than I did the night before. While losing weight and feeling more energetic, I’ve also got my confidence back. Before, I was making excuses not to go to social gatherings. Now, I look forward to meeting friends and just having fun in life.

In fact, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m entertaining the idea of finding love again. With the yoga itself, I don’t see why I will ever stop. If you’re interested in losing weight and you’ve never tried yoga before, I cannot encourage you enough. With the Yoga Burn program, you have all the tools you need to get started.


Best Yoga DVD for Weight Loss: How Does the Yoga Burn Program Work?

If you’ve never heard of this program before, you’re probably shouting at your screen for me to explain. With this in mind, it’s designed for both men and women and lasts for twelve weeks. Everything can be done from your own home, and Zoe Bray Cotton, the creator, is a great character (which makes the program much easier!).

Although it sounds simple, the idea is to get into shape and tone the body through yoga. This simple notion has attracted well over 100,000 users in less than five years and changed many lives. In a recent survey, it showed that 97% of people who see the 12-week program through to the end lose weight.

Perhaps above all else, it was the simplicity that first attracted me to the idea. You don’t need expensive gym memberships, you don’t need to invest in equipment, you can do it in your own lounge whenever you get some spare time.


Introducing Dynamic Sequencing

If you sign up to the program, you’ll quickly be introduced to the idea of Dynamic Sequencing. Essentially, this term describes the correct movement in yoga and how we can continually challenge our bodies by adapting this movement. Rather than getting used to the movement and becoming no longer beneficial for the body, we can force a continual change to keep the results coming.

In the program, you’ll be taken through three phases that teach you different movements and different ways to keep the body guessing (this should prevent the dreaded plateau!). As long as you have a spare 45 minutes, just pop a video on and get started. Thanks to the way the program has been devised by Zoe, you don’t even need to find 45 minutes per day. With just three videos per week required, you’ll have the option of a bonus video if you have the time.

Although I’ve spoken to others that decided against it, I chose to pay attention to the bonus video because there’s an emphasis on self-confidence, happiness, and emotional wellbeing; this is exactly what I needed. Let’s face it, happiness and confidence are sexy attributes for both men and women.

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Best Yoga DVD for Weight Loss: The Three Phases

Foundation Flow (Phase 1) – In the first phase, it’s all about building a foundation for yoga. Designated to the first four weeks, you’ll learn all the basics of yoga and how you can get all the benefits for your muscles and body while still having fun (something that often goes missing with exercise!).

Even if you consider yourself an expert in yoga, I believe there’s something to learn from this first phase. As well as learning the correct form for the unique set of sequences, Zoe teaches the ‘mind-body connection’ which will be important in the tougher exercises. In order to progress to the next level, I would say that this first phase is essential.

Transitional Flow (Phase 2) – As you complete the foundation flow, you’ll take these moves a step further and start to combine them. Why? This will allow you to increase the heart rate and burn more calories. Since I was now confident in the basics, I was able to surprise the body with combinations and by continually adapting.

During this section, you’ll have three videos with each dedicated to a different muscle group. While the core covers one video, the other two teach about the lower and upper body. How do you move from one pose to another? How do you prevent the mind from wandering and affecting the workout? These are important questions, and ones that Zoe answers in this second phase.

Mastery Flow (Phase 3) – Finally, after eight weeks of practice, you’ll be ready to take what you know to the extreme. With the best sequences around, your metabolism will be racing, and you won’t believe how great (and exhausted!) you could feel after a yoga session.

Compared to the first two phases, you will notice a slight difference in the video style. For example, Zoe wants the muscles to be worked and fatigued, so repetition is important. For those who want shorter exercises for those evenings with less available time, you’ll learn compound movements for the upper and lower body too.

As well as stepping it up a notch in intensity, phase three will also aim for the hourglass shape you may have seen in magazines and on social media. However, this isn’t the only target because I liked the emphasis on mental focus and keeping things fresh in the mind.

With each phase lasting four weeks, you have more than enough time to watch the videos and gradually improve your yoga poses. With each video around 15 minutes long, they loop three times so will only require 45 minutes from your day.

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Sample Workout Plan

Tuesday: Phase 1, Workout 1

Thursday: Phase 1, Workout 2

Saturday: Phase 1, Workout 3

From here, you have four days to do what you wish. Of course, it’s natural to have a rest day on Sunday but there’s no reason why you can’t add a long walk to Monday, go and play badminton or tennis on Friday, and fit the bonus video in on Wednesday. As long as the three yoga workouts are included as the minimum, the rest of the days are up to you.

If you’re like me, you won’t be able to sit around doing nothing in between workouts because of the boost in energy the program brings. After repeating this for four weeks, you can progress to the next phase.

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Important Considerations

Before we head into the Q&A and tips sections, I just want to provide you with some important information for the Yoga Burn program. If you want to get the most from this program, I recommend considering the following!

Exercise Program – In the past, the misconceptions surrounding yoga have been interesting and frustrating. For the longest time, it hasn’t been taken seriously and it has almost been disregarded as something that only helps flexibility. As someone who has been through this program, I’m here to tell you that yoga is exercise (and more!).

Thanks to programs like this, yoga is being considered more and more in the health and fitness niche and this is great news. Just because you aren’t training for a marathon or swimming once a week, don’t feel as though you’re cheating with yoga. Also, don’t let your friends tell you that yoga isn’t ‘real’ exercise. Use it as inspiration to work harder and then let your results do the talking.

Consider a Teacher – To improve your knowledge even more and meet new people, why not find a class and learn from a teacher? Even if you’re an absolute beginner and you worry the videos will be wasted on you, there’s nothing wrong with getting the basic form first. Recent research suggests that only one yoga class a week is required to feel the health benefits, but you can do as many classes as you desire.

Aerobic Exercise vs Yoga – For many years, nothing has been comparable to cycling, running, swimming, and any exercise that gets the heart pumping. Doctors will have told you that aerobic exercise clears the mind, lowers heart disease and cancer risk, improves energy and mood, allows for better sex, and more.

Recently, the health benefits of aerobic exercise and yoga were compared in a compilation of 81 studies at the University of Maryland School of Nursing. Of the two, decreases in stress were more prominent in yoga. For those who have been practicing yoga for many years, you won’t be surprised by this news. This being said, there are suggestions that yoga can be even more effective in improving flexibility, balance, strength, day-to-day energy levels, menopausal symptoms, social/occupational functioning, and levels of pain experienced by older generations.

Weight Loss – When we’re stressed in life, research suggests we go looking for fatty foods as well as those high in sugar. If this becomes a habit, it’s not long until we’re on the path to obesity. Yoga is in the beautiful sweet spot of offering a double effect; it offers the same benefits as aerobic exercise while also reducing stress. Therefore, it’s fair to say yoga is a brilliant tool for fighting obesity and weight gain.

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Yoga Burn Program Q&A

While doing my own research on the Yoga Burn program three months ago, I found some common answers missing on the internet, so I want to offer a Q&A section for all those who need more information.

Can I join the program with no yoga experience? – Absolutely; though we’ve suggested you can seek a teacher, it would be unfair to say this is necessary considering I started with no experience myself. Zoe is a fantastic teacher, and I found my poses were improving with each session that passed.

Does the program have a guarantee? – Don’t worry, you’ll have 60 days from the day of purchase to get a full refund thanks to their money-back guarantee. As long as you buy from the official website, you’ll be covered.

How long is each session? – Although the videos are only 15 minutes in length, they loop three times so each workout lasts around 45 minutes.

Should I be dieting? – Regardless of which exercise regime you choose, dieting will ALWAYS be important. You could be running every single morning for three years, but your results will still be limited without a balanced diet.

With the Yoga Burn program, I actually recommend reducing your calorie intake by 750 (depending on how much you burn!). Of course, basic science tells us that we need to burn more calories than we consume in order to lose weight. In my opening weeks, I would track the calories I burned and then ensure I was eating 750 fewer calories than this amount. For example, if I burned 2,100 calories one day, I would aim to eat 1,350 calories the next day.

In a world of technology, make the most of smart watches and platforms like MyFitnessPal. Over time, you can eventually adjust this plan to suit your needs. For example, you might find that you need to consume 1,000 fewer calories than you burn. As a word of warning, don’t starve yourself and don’t jump into it too quickly (otherwise you’ll soon get demotivated and give up!). If you have to start 500 calories below for the first week before working your way up, this is absolutely fine…we’re all unique, after all.

With your calorie intake reduced, I also recommend ensuring that every calorie you eat is beneficial (i.e. don’t eat lots of carbs!).

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Advice from My Experience

Now I’ve been through the program, I want to give some tips so you can make the most of the twelve weeks!

Morning Workouts – After experimenting with the timing of my workouts, I found it better to do the yoga before eating in the morning. Since you won’t be fully awake just yet, your body will need to really search for fuel, and this should allow for fat burning.

Supplements – Next, there are some brilliant fat burning supplements that also provide a boost to energy while managing your appetite.

Right Environment – If you want to make the workouts a little harder and get the sweat really pouring, turn the heating up just before the workout.

Keep Going – As I’ve already said, I had no experience of yoga so the first few sessions were a little sloppy. You might feel the same, but the rewards will come if you keep working hard (just like anything in life!).

Dieting – Although I’ve touched on the low carb idea, I want to go into more detail because the diet is often an area that trips people up. In case you didn’t know, your body always looks for carbs first for energy. If there’s an ample supply of carbs, your body will never really get around to the fat.

By reducing your carb intake, you’re limiting the body’s supply and it will need to turn to fat for energy. Once you pair this with the calorie deficit, fat burning will never be an issue. For many experts, they believe we should get less than 30% of all calories from carb sources; 40% should come from protein while the remaining 30% comes from fat.

In today’s world, we seem to shy away from the term ‘fat’ forgetting that healthy fats exist. If you need help measuring your carb intake, I recommend MyFitnessPal.

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Benefits of Choosing the Yoga Burn Program

  • Whatever your fitness goals, I believe the Yoga Burn program to be beneficial for everybody. Whether you’re overweight or just want to tone the body, yoga will work wonders.
  • You don’t need experience and Zoe will guide you through the process.
  • As long as you’ve got a yoga mat and a small space, you can get started at home, in the office, in a hotel, or anywhere.
  • 97% of women who have tried the program and follow it to the end have lost weight; this is a fantastic success rate.
  • Depending on your needs, the program comes with not only a digital version but physical discs too.
  • You don’t need tremendous amounts of skill, and yoga is also easy on the joints (there are no high impact moves).
  • The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked!).

Drawbacks of Choosing the Yoga Burn Program

  • Although I believe advanced yoga students can still learn something, they may get frustrated by the simplicity of it all in the first two phases.
  • This applies to all exercise programs, but your diet will play an important role in results. If you don’t reduce your calorie intake and watch what carbs you consume, you just aren’t going to see results. Therefore, the yoga program alone won’t allow you to release your full potential.

Interested? Once you are on the Yoga Burn Program Page feel free to choose the program.

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Should You Buy the Yoga Burn Program?

All things considered, I believe this program to be perfect for those who aren’t used to exercising regularly and want to introduce some positive habits and routines. For those who are already in good shape, there’s a risk that it won’t provide enough of a challenge.

With fantastic success already, the program is quickly gaining a positive reputation and it’s not hard to see why. Thanks to the easy to follow DVDs and the character of Zoe, most are able to lose weight (as long as they stick with it and keep trying!).

As well as providing value in itself, I think this program can also open doors for future exercise programs and classes. Despite finishing the 90-day course, I’m still finding time to perform the poses because I want to stay toned and also relieve stress in life. For this reason, I’m happy with my investment and feel confident every time I look in the mirror!

I highly recommend this training……..


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  1. Love this! I’ve been looking for a good yoga program to start with. I’ve been starting a workout and diet regimen lately, and quickly learned that I need something like yoga to keep myself limber, as I’m in my 30s now and my muscles get very tight very easily. Thank you for the suggestion – headed to check it out now!

  2. Oh man! This is exciting.

    I sit a lot of the time, because I work from home, and in the last six months, my business has really boomed and I found that just because I’m sitting SO MUCH, I’ve gained about ten pounds! So I’m going to start up a routine that includes some yoga. I’m glad programs like this one are available, this looks perfect for what I need.

  3. Do you think this would be good for someone just starting out?

    I started working out about a month ago, and boy was I stiff! I actually hurt my hip pretty badly, and had to scale back my running to just walking. I’ve been looking for something low impact that could help improve my flexibility, and this looks right up my alley. I need those first two phases to get me started, haha.

    Thank you!

  4. Hmmm, I’ve kind of always wanted to try yoga! I’m not a big fan of a lot of video workout type things, but I think I could get behind trying this at home since the idea of doing this in a class is kind of embarrassing. It’ll be something relaxing I can do after a long way that will still keep my heart racing! I love a good workout to get the endorphins pumping, makes me feel wonderful!

  5. Do you think this program will work for the very overweight?

    I am just getting started on a workout program with about 100 lbs to lose. It can be very discouraging when dealing with workout videos because sometimes I can’t even do the simple movements. This seems like it’s gentle in the beginning and works it’s way up to more difficult stuff, and while I’m definitely ready to try and work hard, I think I’ll be more motivated to keep at it if I actually feel like I’m succeeding.

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